Study Reports

Over time PPRC has also conducted rigourous studies on several public policy issues. Most of them were secondary studies, including a few primary research studies as well. With these studies, PPRC has also contributed policy recommendations, suggestions and framework endeavouring to bridge the existing policy gaps.  These studies include:

1. Question of Media- Justice: Examining Objectivity and Non-partisan Character of Media while Covering Atrocities on SC (Dalit) and Minorities- A report of cases between 2015-16

March 2017

2. Making Villages Open Defecation Free : Issues in institutionalisation success

 By: Team PPRC 

3. Foundation for Providing Skills for Life and Livelihood through Elementary Education: Outline for Policy Framework.

By: Ms Khyati Srivastava (September 2015)

4. ‘Socio-Economic Development Policies for Manipur and Nagaland: Strategies for Strengthening the Policy Framework’

by Dnyanada Palkar (July 2015).

5. ‘Understanding Aspirations of Delhi’

by Khyati Srivastava (November 2014).

6. ‘Delhi Tangible Transformation Project Report’

by Dilip Karmakar and Team PPRC (February 2013).

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