Research Based Monograph

Over time PPRC has also conducted rigourous studies on several public policy issues. Most of them were secondary studies, including a few primary research studies as well. With these studies, PPRC has also contributed policy recommendations, suggestions and framework endeavouring to bridge the existing policy gaps.  These studies include:

1. Synopsis: SAUBHAGYA Yojana: From Darkness to Light (English)

Synopsis: SAUBHAGYA Yojana: From Darkness to Light - Impact Assessment in Madhya Pradesh

(November - 2018)

2. Jo Kaha So Kiya: Implementation on Assurances made in the Election Manifesto by Modi Government during 2-years of office

By Team PPRC (May, 2016)

3. Antyodaya Justice and Welfare to the Deprived: Value addition made by Modi Government

By Team PPRC (May, 2016)

4. The Impact of BJP- JDU split on governance in Biha

By: Ujjwal Agrain (September 2015)

5. E-monograph ‘Kya/kaha, Kya/kiya’ reviewing 1-year of Modi government on the basis of Manifesto commitments and follow-up of launched flagship schemes

By Team PPRC (May 2015)

6. Politics of Performance: A Comparative study of delivery of Good Governance by different Political Parties in India

By Team PPRC (may 2015)

7. NDA vs UPA: A Reality Check, When the Lotus Blooms

By Team PPRC (June 2013)

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