Leadership in New India by Dr. Vinay Sahasrabudhe, MP - Rajya Sabha, President - ICCR

Leadership has the capacity to translate vision into reality and any discussion on our vision and mission of New India, would be incomplete without defining and understanding the dynamics of leadership and the road ahead. Addressing youngsters at Thinkathon, Dr. Vinay Sahasrabudhhe beautifully described the power of leadership in shaping New India through a collaborative and informal leadership process. He spoke of an organically links a mentor - mentee relationship which together leads to creation of a knowledge community. A leader would foster further leadership by sharing ideas and guiding through example and support. This relation would not have a formal initiation and termination date, as mentioned earlier; the leadership would be fluid and dynamic. The scenario laid down by Dr Sahasrabudhhe is a lucid explanation of an empowered and flourishing society where mentoring is not restricted to a few. We all mentor each other in our knowledge domains and expertise. The basic premise of decentralized leadership is both empowering and forward looking. To put it succinctly, leadership of New India would not be about power or position but that of vision, action and handholding to enable an India that grows and prospers together.


Public policy shapes our nation and impacts every single citizen of the nation, be socially, economically or politically. Dr. Sahasrabudhhe called upon the youth to participate in this crucial aspect of nation building to map the road to new leadership for New India 2022. However, he cautioned that for any consequential deliberation one must adhere to four key aspects i.e. THINK, EXPRESS, ACT and SUGGEST. He kindles a very important debate especially in this information age that we are living in. With social media giving us the much needed platform to voice our opinions and question the policies, how ready are we to take up the role of opinion leaders? How equipped are we to make any informed statement? and how responsible are we while using a public platform?


A structured ‘thinking’ to ensure a logical and organized thought process and opinion dissemination on any issue. A quintessential quality of a human being, ‘thinking’, must be developed to add coherence and logic to our understanding of larger issues concerning the nation. Further, the power of ‘expression’ also holds great importance. However, expression must be clear; it is a logical corollary of thinking. A lucid expression of what we think along with appropriate language impacts our ability to reach out to millions. Another aspect that naturally flows from any conviction is the ability of the proponent to act on it. To practice what we preach and understand its practical implications. It’s only after these three steps are we in a position to suggest measures and make policy recommendations. He said that participants inculcate these essentials in thought structure, policy advice suggestions would no longer be a domain of the government and a select few, but everyone would be able to contribute more meaningfully to national policy making and development.

 - Reflections on Dr Vinay Sahasrabudhe’s thoughts by Vidushi Sahani


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