Know more about Niti Darpan

Policy is a careful synthesis of aspirations, goals, and ground realities; it is a manifestation of national agendas and a reflection of its citizenry. Niti Darpan seeks to provide a platform for deliberations and exchange of ideas and spreading awareness amongst the very citizens, the key stakeholders of a dynamic and thriving Democracy, India! As the name suggests Niti Darpan, is but a reflection of impact of policies and initiatives of the government. We intend to see it as a means of policy analysis by the common man.

Niti Darpan has its genesis in Thinkathon, an event organized by PPRC to hold discussions on ideas, innovations, voices and suggestions from different quarters of the nation on the vision of New India 2022. Around 180 Thinkers, bloggers, students, stakeholders and opinion leaders congregated to pool their intellectual resource for the larger interest of the nation. Niti Darpan seeks to keep this spirit alive through a monthly digest of information and analysis.

Through this policy monthly we seek to achieve three key objectives-

Creating awareness: An aware citizenry is the hallmark of a democratic nation. It is a first step towards empowerment. It would be one of the key objectives to create awareness about the schemes and policies of the government and its impact on the people. We would also strive to provide objective analysis, counter fake propaganda and produce facts to the people to assist in independent opinion formation and prudent analysis of national matters.

Creating thought leaders of tomorrow: In this information age, the prowess of expression through writing, blogging or video documentation, has gained paramount significance. Through this platform we intend to provide an opportunity to everyone to voice their opinions and analyze issues that impact their everyday lives. An equal opportunities platform, we encourage written as well as video blogs from everyone who has something to say about national development.

Bringing real stories from real people: Every village, every city, every life has been impacted by national policies and initiatives. The makers may never know, but even a small decision taken has the power to turnaround lives hundreds of miles afar. Through our network of thought leaders we wish to amass and bring to the fore how policy is impacting lives in different quarters and analyze the larger implications.

Niti Darpan in an endeavor to understand policy through the people and an attempt to democratize journalism. To put is lucidly, it is a newsletter about people, by the people and for the people. We once again request you all to contribute articles, videos, interviews, news pieces to support our initiative and take it up together as a cause.


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